• Official Ground Schools
    The Florida Flight Training Center would like to invite you to attend our professionally constructed Ground Schools. Not only will this class prepare you for the FAA knowledge test, but it will also relate all materials to the modern world of flying and the importance of effective Crew Resource Management in the Cockpit. Your schedule is important to us and therefore we will build the Class to your specifications. Please contact us for discounts and availability.SIGN UP NOW
  • Florida Flight Maintenance
    FFM provides the professional and experienced service that will support your budget and scheduling requirements. Whether it’s a routine turbine or piston inspection or a major repair/alteration, we deliver quality service with a safety consciousness that doesn’t preclude cost effectiveness.
  • Florida Flight Training
    E-Learning Center
    The Florida Flight Training Center provides our
    currently enrolled students with A Learning
    Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning
    Environment (VLE) designed to assist in all aspects
    of flight training.With this system, students are provided with an
    endless wealth of aviation information in the form
    of online presentations, manuals, videos and
    tutorials that can be accessed anytime and
    from anywhere!
  • Have you ever looked to the sky, watched an airplane fly by and wondered what it would take to become a pilot?
    Have you ever dreamed of being the Captain of an Airbus or a Boeing, flying passengers and cargo around the globe? Your dream could become a reality quicker than you think. All you have to do is take the first step and we will do the rest by providing you with a profound training experience that will bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.