International Students

The admission requirements for international students are more extensive than those of the domestic. To help you understand what you need to do, we provide the steps to accomplish the enrollment process with the forms and information needed at each step in addition to a checklist that can be found near the bottom of this page. Please contact our support team either by telephone or by email, both of which can be found on the contact us page if you have questions. We are here to assist you in this process.

1. A copy of your valid passport 2. A certified copy of your birth certificate 3. Your FAA 2nd Class Medical is required for training, however we can schedule this appointment for you upon your arrival in the USA. (To find an FAA Medical Examiner go to or
NOTE: It truly is best that you obtain the FAA medical as early as possible to determine your fitness for flight. Most people pass the physical without a problem, but there is no reason to continue with the enrollment process if you are not physically fit for flying
4. Proof of Financial Ability (This proof is primarily for the Embassy. They require you to show that you have all available finances to cover your ENTIRE training process with us.) 5. Fill out our Application here 6. Copy of current pilot certificates from your country if you have any. If you have a foreign pilot certificate, you will need to start the process of obtaining an FAA Private Pilot’s License based on your foreign pilot certificate. (click here for further information / instructions) 7. $250 Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable & part of the application process in Step 5.) 8. $2200 Deposit for Housing, Transportation & Ground School Course Enrollment (refundable if you do not start training & also available online). Based on this information, if you meet our requirements, we will forward you a letter of acceptance and a SEVIS generated I-20, and other enrollment materials. Then you: 1. Check the I-20 for errors and contact us to correct them if there are any errors.

2. Pay the fee to the U.S government to process your M-1 student visa request. This can be done at the  I-901 fee processing website. – If you are an Indian citizen, complete the following U.S. Visa forms:     DS 156     DS 157     DS 158 – These forms are also located here at the U.S. State Department website.
NOTE: the exact passport photo specifications are mentioned on the DS-156.
3. Set up an appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy office to be interviewed for the M-1 Visa. Look here for the nearest U.S. Embassy office near you
Bring the following information to the M-1 Visa interview:
1. Your valid passport 2. If you are from India, U.S. Visa forms DS 156, DS 157 and DS 158 3. FFTC’s personal letter of acceptance 4. Proof of Financial Ability 5. The I-901 Receipt to prove you have paid the fee for processing the M-1 Visa request 6. Proof that you have paid our application fee 7. Your Visa photo
NOTE: Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours at the Embassy. You may be required to pay another fee for recorded shipping of you passport to your home. For more information, please visit the U.S. Dept. of State website.
As soon as you receive your I-20 from us, start the process with the TSA to gain permission to train in the U.S. Click here to learn more. You can do it! Students from India, please make sure you read  our Indian Students page for information relating to your government’s requirements.
FFTC’s admissions checklist is provided to assist international students in compiling all necessary documentation required for enrollment at FFTC.
1. Deposit paid 2. Valid Passport 3. Application forms completed: I 901, D156, D157 and D158 4. I20 Received 5. Letter of acceptance received 6. Funds arranged 7. Visa photos 8. Visa appointment scheduled 9. Payment made to the US Embassy 10. Visa issued 11. Medical appointment scheduled 12. Medical issued 13. TSA application initiated 14. Course start date scheduled 15. Airline tickets 16. Mailed final travel plans to FFTC 17. Don’t forget your I20, ticket and your passport!
What you need to bring to your US Embassy M-1 visa appointment:
1. VALID PASSPORT: Apply to get passport from the Department of State 2. FORMS: DS 156DS 157DS 158 3. Official I-20 visa form 4. Personal letter of acceptance from the flight school 5. Proof of sufficient funds in you bank account 6. I-901 Receipt: Fee processing website 7. Photo Specification: Requirements 8. Embassy: Locations 9. TSA Fingerprint: Locations