Training Commercial Pilots since 1992


Since our founding in 1992 the Florida Flight Training Center has followed it’s own Training Philosophy. We have always striven to find the most ideal combination of ingredients necessary to train the best Airline Pilots.

We believe that strong fundamentals are essential to becoming a strong pilot. We teach reliance on ones self rather than technology and do not introduce the usage of advanced equipment until later stages in the training. We pride our selves in training students to Airline Standards, by incorporating Airline Operational Procedures as soon as the training begins. Students learn about proper call outs and profiles throughout their training, as it pertains to the license which they are seeking. Our Students receive instruction on proper attitudes, how to perform under stress, while staying positive, timeliness and appropriate multicultural behavior. Crew Resource Management is introduced to the student from the beginning, but in a manner where it doesn’t distract them from accomplishing the tasks appropriate to their level of skills. Our students will learn how to brief cross countries properly and how to make use of a Trip Envelope.

We believe in a comfortable and personal environment, a quite study atmosphere without distractions and in the same camaraderie we look for in a crew member.

Part 61 vs. Part 141

Part 61 lays out the minimum requirements an applicant needs to meet in order to be recommended for a license. It shows the areas of training that need to be covered, which endorsements the applicant needs, which knowledge tests the applicant needs to pass, what specific flight operations the applicant needs to be proficient in and the minimum hours the applicant needs to have in order to apply for the FAA Check-Ride. What it does not provide is a layout of how these requirements should be attained, or in other words, a training curriculum that makes sense and is the most efficient. Part 61 leaves the designing of the course up to the Instructor who conducts the training and only enforces the minimum requirements the FAA Check-Airman looks for in the students’ logbook. Part 141 is different that way.

Part 141 is a certificate a school may apply for, which allows it to conduct training according to a thoroughly structured curriculum. The FAA reviews the curriculum and decides to approve it for the use of training or denies it. Since the syllabus designed by the school now becomes the Law in governing flight hours, it is a very structured and thought out binder, which lays out every flight lesson of the training in detail. The advantage to the student is that he is always informed on exactly what to expect and can always keep track of his progress. This makes training efficient.

FFTC as a Part 141 School
Florida Flight Training Center carries a Part 141 Certificate. This certificate is granted to us by the Federal Aviation Administration and allows the school to conduct Flight Training with our own syllabus. Instead of randomly instructing students by scratching off requirements from Part 61, our school designed its own training curriculum. Because of that our training is unique and will give every student an education that he cannot receive anywhere else. Florida Flight Training Center conducts its training to Airline Standards. All our senior Instructors and employees have Airline backgrounds and designed our Syllabus to meet the standards of the professional Airline World.

When a student enrolls in our 141 program he will find that every flight, every lesson and every assignment is structured and organized. The syllabus provides detailed information about each lesson, what material needs to be prepared, what is expected for the next lesson, what the completion standards for each lesson are and how the lesson will be conducted. The student is consistently informed about his progress, because every lesson is graded by the instructor and the syllabus is always available to be viewed by the student.

FAA Inspections are always very detailed. The Flight Center’s standards are evaluated on a very strict basis, because we are a Part 141 approved school. Our inspections are more thorough then Part 61 schools. Since we also conduct our own Maintenance the same applies here. Our maintenance department is under constant and strict oversight from the FAA and always meets the standards for the safety of our students.