Airplane Rentals in Venice, FL

If you are looking to rent airplanes in the Venice, FL and Sarasota, FL area you have come to the right place. At the Florida Flight Training Center renting airplanes has never been easier. Contact us via the form below and a dedicated professional will reach out to you. Please tell us about your rental desires and background and when ready, fill out our enrollment form which we will provide for you. After that, follow the instructions in the confirmation email and we will schedule you your rental insurance checkout and off you go. It is really that simple.

  1. Fill out the Form below
  2. Speak to us about your desires and needs
  3. Fill out our Enrollment Form
  4. Schedule a Rental Checkout Flight
  5. Send us proof of Renters Insurance
  6. Rent our Airplanes

Do note that our airplane availability depends on our full time students, because we are required to schedule them full time by TSA and SEVIS. Please notify us of your availability with a few options and we will be able to accommodate you better.