Down for the winter? In need of a refresher?

Bet back into the sky

This accelerated program is designed for FAA licensed pilots who have been away from flying for several months or even years. Get all your questions answered on how you can get the rust off your hard earned pilot wings and ger back in the air to those days of flying adventures. If you find yourself looking up, at every airplane flying over your head, then maybe it’s time you back up there.

Our four hour seminar presented by the Florida Flight Training Center will cover the following topics:

  • What it takes to get checked out and fly airplanes
  • Learn about the local flying area and special tips to stay safe
  • Attend weekly snowbird parties at our flight center
  • Meet other snowbird pilots and share the joys of flying
  • Leanr about the entire Venice aviation Community and how you can get involved with other local pilots and resources
  • Medical/BasicMed Considerations
  • Where are the best local attractions
  • Venice Airport Runway Operations and Special Safety Rules
  • Airspace/Radio Operations and Noise Abatement
  • Sarasota/Tampa/Miami/ Air Traffic Special Considerations
  • Florida Flying Emergency Procedures
  • Where to see Dolphins and Sharks
  • Florida Weather Considerations
  • This seminar also includes a local area flight in a PA-28

Enroll today and the Florida Flight Training Center will invite you into it’s local General Aviation Community.