Our training philosophy is built around three core concepts

1. Strong fundamentals to start

Students need to learn to be self reliant and develop aeronautical decision making skills without the help of computers. Analytical thinking in stressful situations is an integral part to the safety of all fights, especially during an emergency. Our students need to be able to make decisions based on their own judgment and intuition, without relying on anything but their own knowledge. Modern technology is an ever growing part of aviation and is an important part of our training, but we believe our students need to first be able to make decisions without it.

2. Integration of Crew Resource Management

Since the beginning of aviation, Crew Resource Management has been an ever developing part of the Airline industry and has increased the safety of transport flying manifold. Optimizing how crews communicate and work together is an essential part of the modern day industry and we at the Florida Flight Training Center believe our students need to learn it immediately.

3. Modern avionics

The goal during our Commercial Pilots License Course is to create a smooth transition from the basic fundamentals to more advanced aircraft and avionics. What we want to achieve with every student we train is that his self reliance will translate into confident decision making. A commercial pilot needs to have the right attitude, understand the work environment and make proactive choices if he encounters potentially dangerous situations. This becomes more crucial as the aircraft becomes more advanced.

During the CPL we over our students an “Airline Operations” style line training that simulates the demanding nature of the airline industry and teaches the reality of how an airline operates. This line training enhances safety during students time building and furthers their understanding about what a professional aviation company jobs would be like.