Our pilot training meets all DGCA requirements

With over 20 years of experience in training Indian students and hundreds of DGCA CPL Conversions, the Florida Flight Training Center leads the pilot training industry with one it’s most competitive programs. Our training program and our pricing stand unique amongst all the other schools. Our old students work for Air India, Air Indigo and other Indian Airlines. With the combined efforts of our highly experienced instructors and motivated students we’ve been able to achieve CPL completing time frames of 6 to 8 months in many cases.

With our FAA Part 141 certified flight school program your path to success becomes a lot more defined. Our curriculum is arranged in such a way that our students are able to be scheduled at least five to seven days a week without interruptions caused by the school. It is our belief that enrollment of students should be restricted in order to maintain a high schedule rate. We believe that students should fly consistently in order to attain peak levels of Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk Management.

An added advantage we enjoy is our on sight TSA Fingerprinting and Testing Center. This is a valuable time saver for all aspiring Indian Airline Pilots. We have several FAA Examiners on our Airport as well as multiple others in close vicinity. With us your wait for FAA Tests is minimal. Accommodation and airport pick up services are provided to the students as per their needs and requests.

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