Training students from all over the world is what we do

An incredible journey

Yes, there is a long road ahead. Yes, there is a lot of work ahead of you. But the dream of becoming an airline pilot is within your reach. For years, the Florida Flight Training Center has specialized in training commercial pilots from all over the world. Let our students success speak for itself:

You can achieve your dream too!

Let us train you, let us guide you and bring you closer to the realization of your ultimate goal. Our FAA Part 141 approved Commercial Training Courses are specifically designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to become a Commercial Pilot. When you complete our international training courses you will meet all the requirements set by the worlds aviation authorities. All you have to do is take the first opportunity that comes your way and get hired.

Training designed for Airlines

From the start we incorporate important Airline Procedures into your training. We introduce safety oriented thinking and scenario based training into your Private Pilot course in order to build self reliance into your pilot mindset. Followed by a seamless integration of Crew Resource Management, Risk Management and Multi Crew Coordination Techniques we set the standard of what it means to operate in the world of professional aviation.