Other schools limit your freedom. We embrace it.

Line Training that is unlike any Hour Building in the USA

The time building portion of your flight training is virtually the most important aspect of your preparation to becoming an Airline Pilot. Most schools try and restrict this aspect of your training due to possible maintenance costs, logistics in monitoring your flight progress and a general lack of consideration of how the Airline Industry operates. We at the Florida Flight Training Center embrace your freedom of choice. We want you to pick large International Airports and plan long trips with multiple over night stays, because this is where you will learn the most about how the Airline Industry works.

Line Training with Airline Style Operations & Procedures

Our training is organized much like an Airline. We train you in our standard operating procedures (SOP) created from the Lufthansa & Airline Industry standards. You will be exposed to an airline style line training while you build your required hours that is second to none in the United States of America. Our Dispatch / Operations Control will monitor your flights progress, support your with critical information virtually like an Airline. You will be flying to busy destinations, make critical weather decisions, communicate with the worlds busiest Air Traffic Control Centers and experience flying from a completely new point of view: that of the professional pilot.

Incredible Destinations, an amazing adventure

All images you see are taken by our students during their Line Training Course at the Florida Flight Training Center. Our students have flown to Key West, Charleston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Niagara Falls, St. Louis and even Las Vegas!