Other schools limit your freedom. We embrace it.

So where do our students venture?

Can you believe that the images you see were taken by our students? In the past our students have flown to Key West, Charleston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Niagara Falls, St. Louis and even Las Vegas!

To enhance the students’ experience it is necessary to send them on longer trips. This challenges them to make long range weather forecasts, plan more extensively and conduct thorough, supervised briefings, and arrive at every destination without complications.

In the past our students have flown to many major destinations. International Airports are no hindrance and demanding Air Traffic Control no barrier. Students from the Florida Flight Training Center have the opportunity to enhance their education significantly, while having the experience of a lifetime. Most schools neglectfully hand their students the keys to accrue hours without supervision. We utilize every hour to thoroughly educate future airline pilots.