Flexible training that fits your schedule

The Florida Flight Training Center has served our local customers since our founding in 1992. Our US Citizen training programs are designed to prepare you to be a safety oriented pilot at a competitive price. Regardless if your aspirations are to fly your own airplane, focus on renting or one day fly for the airlines, the Florida Flight Training Center has a curriculum designed for you.

When you apply with us we will enable you to either join one of our full time courses or to schedule your training around your personal schedule. Life can be busy and demanding and we will make sure our training fits smoothly into your week. If you do join one of our full time courses you will paired with many aspiring pilots from around the world. We offer a unique cultural mix where safety in flight and learning are the top priorities.

We are unique in the Flight Training Industry with our transparent approach and our safety oriented flight training. When you contact us we will provide you with a detailed quote, without any hidden fees and an honest description of variances and possible overages. Flight training is a tremendous joy and finances must be considered. That is why we want you to have realistic expectations, before you pay.