We are all in this together and when the world returns to normal, we want to be ready

The world is in an unprecedented situation. Life as we know it has temporarily stopped and with it your flight training. We know that some of you were looking forward to coming to the USA to train to achieve your dreams. Some of you have paid large deposits with flight schools that may or may not exist anymore in the coming months. Most of you feel stuck with all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We know how you feel. These are times in which a return to normal seems far away, but the return to normal will come and when it does let’s all be ready to begin anew.

Let’s team up together and get everything we can ready to start. There are a lot of logistical steps to be done before flight training can begin, let’s take care of them now, while we have the time and be ready to begin your journey as soon as we’re able. We understand that an already expensive dream, now has to be planned even more carefully. That is why the Florida Flight Training Center would like to help you get started. If you sign up with us now, we will prepare all your documents, all your enrollment requirements and possible VISA requirements right now. Usually this involves the payment of a non-refundable $350 enrollment fee, but we will make it 100%, fully refundable. If you cannot come for any reason, it doesn’t matter the reason, we will give it all back to you, minus the PayPal Transfer fee PayPal Fee’s. If you end up coming, the PayPal Transfer fee is on us. Additionally we will waive our $3,000 training deposit completely until you are actually here in the USA. If you do not end up coming, you do not lose anything! But that is not all, we will give you a $1,000 credit in your account towards your training when you arrive.